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Santa's Story


Stage production of Santa's Story
Created by and featuring award winning performer Aviva Pelham

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When 90 year old Santa Pelham was persuaded to write her fascinating life story, it was intended so that her memoir would be there for future generations.

But Santa's story became something much more: a cathartic experience, an inspiration for song and recently, a one-woman show performed by her daughter, Opera Diva, Aviva Pelham. Aviva brings the moving text to life detailing her mother's journey from Germany, to Spain, to France and then to Africa - punctuated by wonderful live Klesmer music.

Santa's Story is directed by multi-award winning Janice Honeyman with designs by the acclaimed Mannie Manim and Dicky Longhurst who round up a heavy-weight artistic and creative team.

Santa's Story has run in Cape Town where Aviva received a Fleur du Cap nomination, to capacity audiences and more recently completed a sold-out season in Johannesburg.


Santa & Aviva

Aviva and Santa Pelham
Opening performance, Cape Town, August 2012


Santa's Story poster

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Santa's Story Productions

2012 Cape Town
2013 Johannesburg
2013 Cape Town
2013 Helsinki
2013 London
2014 Hürth, Cologne
2015 Cape Town, New York
2016 Cape Town
2017 Cape Town, Melbourne, Sydney



Televised preview of Santa's Story (Simcha Episode 14)
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